Language Corner

West Grove Primary School is a multicultural school with pupils from a wide variety of cultures and ethnic backgrounds.

We strongly aim to help children to develop the necessary knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes with which to play a full and active part in our multicultural society. Our partnership with our school in France, Ecole élémentaire Réné Descartes provides us with an opportunity to explore this with a European dimension. In addition pupils have the opportunity to develop their French language skills as they share school life experiences with the French pupils.


West Grove is participating in a European Union funded project called Erasmus +, supported and coordinated by the British Council. We are able to share ideas, games, resources and pupils work with our partner school, Ecole élémentaire Réné Descartes through the e-Twinning platform  - a free online community for schools set up by the British Council.

We have developed  a project called: Tell me more!! Sharing and comparing.     

Please click on the link below for more details:

Tell me more!! Sharing and comparing     

Language Resources:

French Greetings

French number display

Colours in French