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What is Numbers Count?

The Numbers Count Interventions: Numbers Count is a highly effective intervention programme that improves children’s mathematical skills. It is a part of the National Every Child Counts Programme.

Children receive intensive 1:1 support from a specially trained Numbers Count teacher. The teacher aims to accelerate the child’s learning so that they can work much closer to the level of their class. A Numbers Count Programme usually lasts for approximately one term. The child will receive a lesson four times a week and takes places in an interactive, fun and practical environment.

The teacher begins by making a detailed diagnostic assessment of what each child knows and then plans an individualised programme to help each one to move forward. Lessons focus on number and calculation, follow a set routine and are rigorous and active. The teacher aims to help each child to become numerate and confident, to enjoy actively learning mathematics and to develop the skills and positive attitudes needed to continue to make good progress in normal lessons. They will still have a daily mathematics lesson with their class teacher, who will work together with the Numbers Count teacher to plan the child’s work for Numbers Count and for class based lessons.

After one term in Numbers Count, most children return to their class as more confident and independent learners. Many increase their number age by twelve months and then go on to make good progress in their class lessons.

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