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Queen's Celebrations

Posted 25th Sep

During the week of 7th September 2015, West Grove celebrated Queen Elizabeth II as the longest reigning British Monarch.

We commenced the week’s celebrations with a whole school assembly. Every afternoon the children from Years 1-6 participated in activities using different media to create paintings and collages to name but a few. All children in Key Stage 2 listened to a speech delivered by the Queen; they were then asked to write their own speech if they were sovereign for a day. Some very interesting laws were passed by our West Grove Kings and Queens!

On Friday 11th September children were invited to dress as Kings and Queens and we held a Street Party!

In addition to the above mentioned activities, West Grove also hosted our very own Royal Bake Off! All children were invited to participate by bringing in their own home-made cake with a Royal theme.  Winners were announced across the Key Stages; all the winners got a medal and a special certificate. After school that day, we held a cake sale and all the proceeds went towards our school Library; all the cakes were sold out in less than twenty minutes. One thing everyone agreed on afterwards was: West Grove LOVES cake! 


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