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Tudor Day at West Grove

Posted 1st Feb

Wednesday 23rd January was a special day for year 3 as they had a highly skilled and qualified teacher come in and create an environment in which the children explored and experimented in a safe way. 

The morning immediately engaged and captivated the children's attention into the intrigue as they became members of King Henry VIII’s household. As the specialist teacher went straight into character, the children became bewitched. 

She started off by saying, "It is the year of our Lord 1536, and it is a difficult time in the court of King Henry VIII. His second wife, Anne Boleyn, has not produced a male heir and has fallen out of favour with the King. Rumours are swirling about the Queen’s behaviour – is it possible she has committed treason? What might Henry do?"

The children performed a variety of everyday 16 th century tasks. Typical workstations on the day included:

Scholars (ink making and writing)

Scent bag makers


Soap ball makers



Barber surgeon

Leather workers

Embroiderers and

Miniature painting.

As the children were working, more rumours swirled around Anne Boleyn – both for and against – as well as possible heirs and a possible new love interest for the King. The narrative reached its climax in the afternoon with a royal banquet. 

Year 3 and all the staff and visitors had a splendid day and every child experienced success that day. 

Please click here to see photos of this special day.

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