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School Events

Performance Poetry Competition - Friday 25th January

Key Stage 2 Poems:

My Five Kitty Cats

The Life of a Cupcake


My Next Door Neighbour Is a Witch

Lower Key Stage 2 Poems

A Worm in My Pocket


If I Were King


When The World Turned Upside Down

Wind on the Hill

Key Stage 1 Poems


Halfway Down

Now We Are Six





ELC Spelling Bee Competition

Year 1 and 2 Spelling List

Year 3 and 4 Spelling List

Year 5 and 6 Spelling List





Pupil Voice

We want to know the views of all our children on school issues and have set up various groups to address their ideas and concerns. Pupils take turns being part of the diifferent groups and discussing issues of importance to their class.  

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What Year 6 Say

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School Council

This group meets with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher on a half termly basis to discuss any issues and come up with ideas for improving the school. This is a very formal meeting giving children real responsibilty and the opportunity to take part in decision making.

School Council Minutes 11th November 2015

School Council Minutes 30th September 2015

School Council Minutes 23rd March 2015

School Council Minutes 22nd January 2015



Green Group

Green Group meet with Ms Gray to discuss ways of helping the school be more environmentally friendly. They identify opportunities to be ‘green’ and put their ideas into practice.

Green Group is made up of Year 5 children who participate in fun, action-orientated activities that have the aim of making the school more sustainable, whilst raising the profile of environmental issues. 

The activities that Green Group have been involved in include the following:

•Weekly recycling 

•Growing and harvesting vegetables 

•Creating a willow bower and tunnel with the help of parents 

•Planting trees to create a new forest as part of an initiative developed by the Woodland Trust 

•Working with Enfield Council to reduce the amount of graffiti, rubbish and fly tipping in the local area.