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A child is normally admitted to the Nursery in the Autumn Term following their 3rd birthday, if there are any vacant places.

Main School

We admit children in the September following their 4th birthday, if there are any vacant places.

Remember the school year runs from September to July.

In year application

If you wish to make an in-year application (for current year groups) you should apply by completing an in-year application form which is available at this link

If families need help making their application they should be directed to Ordnance Road Library, Town library or Edmonton Library.  We can no longer see families at the Civic Centre and there is also not a Customer Services desk to help them.

Eadmissions is only used for parents to apply for a reception place in September, if children are transferring from primary to secondary school in September or to apply for a nursery place in September.    This online portal is open until mid-August for late applications.

The children are divided into class groups according to their age, and progress through the school until they transfer to Secondary School at the beginning of the school year in which they will be 12.

The following information has been provided by London Borough of Enfield.  

The Criteria used to Allocate Places at Community Classes attached to Primary and Infant Schools

The following criteria are used to decide which children should be offered places when there are more children wanting to go to the school than there are places available. The criteria are in order of priority.

a) Children in public care (looked after children)

b) Children for whom a particular school is appropriate on exceptional medical grounds. Such applications will be considered under this criterion only if they are supported by an attached medical statement from a doctor. This must demonstrate that there is a very specific connection between the child’s medical need and the school requested

c) Children with a brother or sister who will be attending the school or linked junior school at the time of proposed admission. The children concerned must be living at the same address

d) Children genuinely resident within the school’s designated priority zone

e) Children living nearest to the school measured as the crow flies, that is, in a straight line from the child’s home to the main entrance of the school. (Travel by private car or public transport is not taken into account) 

When it is not possible to admit all applicants to a particular school within any criterion, priority will be given to those living near the school measured as in ‘e’ above. The Local Authority defines siblings as a brother or sister living at the same address on the date when the applicant would be admitted. The term “sibling” means a full, step, half, adopted of fostered brother or sister, but not cousins.  The Local Authority may exceptionally direct schools to admit children in excess of the admission number or above other children on a school’s reserve list, in order to fulfil its statutory responsibilities or to comply with decisions taken by the LA’s Primary Inclusion Panel. 

Unfortunately, there have been some cases where parents have been tempted to supply false or inappropriate information to try and get a place at a particular school, for example, by giving the address of a relative instead of the home address. Information supplied by parents is checked. If it is found that false information has been provided and a place has been obtained because of this, the place is likely to be withdrawn. 

For any admission queries, please telephone London Borough of Enfield on 020 8379 1000 or Mrs Yorganci at the school office on 020 8351 9200 (option 2) or email

School Admission Appeals

If you wish to appeal a refusal of admission to the school, please contact admissions at Enfield Local Authority. Please see attached guidance below detailing the appeals process. Please see our admissions policy for any further information. 

Enfield appeals guidance page - coming soon 

For all secondary transfer queries, please contact Mrs Yorganci at the school office.